Horizontal Electrical Sliding Crystal Folding Shutter
Option : Arts crystal, Sunrise crystal, FG frosted crystal
Installation : No rack rail is needed (use hanging rail)
Operation : Electrical
Suitable for : Shopping mall, showroom, office

Aluminum Alloy (Baked White) Electric Horizontal Rolling Crystal Gate
Design beautiful perspective
Baked white aluminum frame with unbreakable film

Operation : Electric-(using double motor)
Installation : hanging road
Type : Can be used as a straight line or any arc
Suitable for : shopping malls, showrooms

Horizontal Sliding Crystal Folding Shutter
Transparent design
CTC300 - Original color aluminium frame with PC high impact polystyrene
CTC250 - White aluminum frame with PC high impact polystyrene
CTC200 - White aluminum frame with PC high impact polystyrene

Installation : No rack rail is needed (use hanging rail)
Design: Straight shutter or arch shutter
Operation: Manual
Suitable for: Shopping mall, showroom

Progressive Square Electric Crystal Gate
Beautiful design crystal clear perspective
Model: #180 #300
Baked white aluminum frame, with crystal clear film

Operation: Electric
Suitable for: shopping malls, showrooms

Sunrise Crystal Rolling Shutter Series
They are made of deluxe polycarbon, i.e. thick rod with PC high impact plastics
Crystal shutter piece sizes:
12mm thick crystal shutter piece 70 mm x 330mm
15mm thick crystal shutter piece 100mm x 460mm

《Quality and Safety Certification》
Installation : Tile design, vertical design and mixed design are available. Door in the middle of the shutter can be made for convenience, which also meets the Fire Services Ordinance.
Operation : Manual, electrical & remote operation
Motor : Motors from France, Japan and Taiwan are available
Suitable for : Shopping malls, shops, showrooms, offices, penthouses, and balconies

FG Frosted Crystal Rolling Shutter
Semi-transparent design with high quality polycarbonate - PC high impact polystyrene (Frozed Glass) & 15mm tubes

Installation : Brick type, straight type, mixed rolling type are available. Small door for easy entry is also available in order to satisfy the fire ordinance.
Operation : Manual, electrical & remote control
Motor : Motors from France, Taiwan & Japan
Suitable for : Shopping malls, shops, showrooms, offices, villa houses, balconies

Alice Aluminum Plastic Stripe Shutter
Alice aluminum plastic stripes are made of PC high impact plastics. The aluminum shutter is available in different colors upon customers' requests.

: Manual, electrical and remote operation is availabe
Suitable for : Shopping malls, shops and showrooms, combination lock is available